Software Contracts

IT Contracts, Clouds and SaaS

In today’s business world, many tasks are carried out with the help of specific software programs, ranging from customer management to bookkeeping and communication software. The software requirements obviously differ greatly from one company to another. While the first business copes quite well with standard, off-the-shelf software, the next one needs a more specific, tailor-made version. The more specific the required software, the more important it is that the relevant software contracts are well drafted and contain all the necessary details.

In addition to software that is bought – whether it is standard or tailor-made -, the market also offers “Software as a Service”, short: SaaS, a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. More and more companies also use cloud services offered by third parties to store their data instead of operating a server of their own, all this to save costs and in the hope of keeping the data safer there.

As company data are essential, every business needs to make sure that contracts with the respective providers are waterproof.

We provide legal advice in drafting and reviewing IT contracts of all kinds and support you in enforcing your rights in connection with IT contracts.


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