Wolfgang R. Wentzel

Wolfgang R. Wentzel was born in Merenberg in 1953 and from the first year of his life until 1966 lived in Edmonton, the capital city of the Province of Alberta in Canada. By attending schools in Edmonton, he acquired the English language as a “native speaker”. He studied English and Law at the Justus-Liebig University in Gießen.

His enthusiasm for languages and technology quickly earned him responsible jobs in the area of intellectual property rights for major international corporations. In over 3 decades in management positions, he gained very valuable experience in the strategic creation, defence and licensing of technical and non-technical property rights. His comprehensive expertise especially includes developing and establishing international trademark protection concepts, and he has top-class global contacts in this sector.

Over decades, Wolfgang R. Wentzel represented the interests of his corporations in the area of intellectual property rights in several associations, and could also provide constructive support in legal policy matters in this area, for example in leading positions on committees of the trademark association.