Online Marketing

Online marketing is highly important for all companies and is becoming more and more significant for the sales strategy. We look back on many years of expertise in all legal questions regarding online marketing, direct marketing, and data protection, having acted as advisers for companies, advertising agencies and a conference.


On the one hand, we regularly scrutinize websites as to whether they abide by all relevant regulations arising from data protection and competition law. On the other hand, legislation has shaped the rules for marketing strategies using search engine optimization methods such as, in particular, keyword advertising, affiliate and ambush marketing as well as native advertising; all of these are our areas of expertise so that we can help you to stay on track.


We are also particularly experienced in the fields of viral and social media marketing, also with the aid of influencers. Our consulting services encompass the planning and realization of your advertising and marketing campaigns and the optimal utilization of your social media profile within the boundaries set by law. It is becoming more and more important to be aware of what is allowed to be done online, and what is not, particularly if you act as a professional business as opposed to a private person. We will advise you in setting up a web presence for your company with legal certainty in order to avoid the many pitfalls in the use of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Here are some examples of the services we provide:


  • Legal review of your advertising concepts: e.g., avoiding comparative or deceptive advertisements, ensuring correct price information and labelling
  • Legal advice on your online marketing campaigns
  • Legal review of your social media profile
  • Legal advice for promotions and discount campaigns, in particular the conditions to participate
  • Influencer marketing, rules against surreptitious advertising, and labelling requirements


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