Canada: Accession to Madrid Trademark System and Modernization of Trademark Law

18.06.2019 |

With effect from June 17, 2019, Canada has joined the Madrid trademark system, which regulates the international registration of trademarks through the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). As a result, Canada can now also be designated as a member of WIPO in the context of international trademark registrations. Canada is the 104th member of the Madrid trademark system. For investors from Europe, the importance of the Madrid trademark system will increase further with the accession of Canada, as the entire NAFTA area can now be covered by an international registration.


At the same time, Canada has modernized its trademark law. Among other things, it is no longer necessary to indicate or prove any intention to use the trademark applied for. In addition, the goods and services must now be indicated in accordance with the internationally accepted Nice Classification. The term of protection of the trademark will also be adapted to the internationally customary 10 years.


Dr. Michael Heinrich