HEINRICH PARTNER RECHTSANWÄLTE strengthens its team with experienced lawyers and opens office in Düsseldorf

02.08.2018 |

In August we strengthen our team with Dr. Markus Braunewell. Dr. Markus Braunewell has worked in his own law firm in Düsseldorf and also focuses on the field of intellectual property. He will strengthen us at partner level and will continue to operate primarily from Düsseldorf, so that the firm will in future have offices in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. At the end of the year, Wolfgang Wentzel, the long-standing head of the trademark department of special glass manufacturer SCHOTT AG, joins us as of counsel.

Dr. Markus Braunewell focuses on trademark law. His clients are mainly industrial companies, which he also assists in trademark and competition law proceedings. He is also experienced in patent law. Braunewell last worked in his own law firm Braunewell in Düsseldorf, from where he will mainly continue to work in the future. Before founding his own law firm in 2011, Dr. Markus Braunewell worked for other law firms, including the law firm Cohausz Hannig Dawidowicz, Kau Rechtsanwälte and Gobbers & Denk. In addition, Braunewell began his career as in-house counsel at Salzgitter and Südzucker.

Wolfgang Wentzel will also join us as Counsel at the end of the year. He has headed the trademark department at Schott, a glass and ceramics manufacturer, for 25 years. In parallel, Wolfgang Wentzel will continue to work for Schott. During his career he gained valuable experience in the strategic establishment, defense and licensing of technical and non-technical property rights. In particular, he has extensive expertise in the development and establishment of international brand protection concepts and has top-class contacts in this sector worldwide. Wolfgang Wentzel has represented the interests of his groups in the field of industrial property protection in several associations for decades and was able to constructively accompany developments in legal policy in this field in leading positions in committees of the trademark association, for example.

Dr. Markus Braunewell and Wolfgang Wentzel represent significant personnel reinforcements for us, which will significantly strengthen our consulting services and expertise. In addition, the new office in Düsseldorf will enable us to improve our clients' personal service and we now have a local presence in two important business centres.