Media Law

Media coverage of political, economic and societal events on television, the radio, the internet or in newspapers and magazines often leads to disputes between the media and the persons being reported on. More so now than ever, this also applies to opinions being given on products or companies, as not only human beings, but also businesses are entitled to protect their personality rights. In these cases, it is very important to correctly assess the legal aspects of the matter with regards to the fundamental right to freedom of expression while avoiding negative reactions online, particularly widespread and vociferous outrage on social media. This is another area of expertise in which we can quickly and effectively act on your behalf in order to:

  • Have google entries containing false claims or obsolete reports related to your name removed
  • Have negative opinions removed from search engines, review sites or platforms
  • Take action against unmerited or abusive criticism and false claims
  • Take action to enforce your legal right to publicity and to protect your name, image and likeness
  • Prevent and remove insults and defamatory comments from social media



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